Bean Body

Bean Body

Relax your mind, soothe your soul and smooth your skin with the beautiful Bean Body range. Their collection of coffee scrubs is like no other – made from purely natural and fair-trade ingredients, each scrub is as kind and gentle to your skin as it is to the earth.

If you haven’t heard of the amazing benefits coffee scrubs have on your skin, then sit back and get ready to be wowed! These packets of goodness get to work on purifying your skin, digging deep into your pores and clearing them of dirt, grime and leftover products that tend to block your pores. Once your body is free from bacteria and toxins, enriching ingredients like coconut oil start to soften your skin, leaving you feeling incredibly velvety.

The brand understands the sheer skin-loving benefits of regular exfoliation, which is why they have tailored their product line around achieving the softest, healthiest skin possible.

Bean Body is the embodiment of luxurious yet affordable, and everyone can get their hands on a bag of body buff. Scrub morning, noon or night and prep your body for whatever may come your way.

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