JF Lazartigue

JF Lazartigue

In haircare circles, the name J.F.Lazartique carries a lot of weight. That’s because the eponymous Jean-Francoise is one of France’s most preeminent hair specialists, and it’s his own inimitable take on the art that lends the collection its unique character.

Having begun his career as a successful stylist-turned-salon-owner based in Paris, Jean-Francois found himself frustrated by the absence of suitable products. Both the needs of his customers and his own stylistic ambitions were stymied, an impasse that led him to start developing his own line of products.

These focused on tackling a whole host of different haircare issues, notably how to protect it from such concerns as oxidation, over-processing and heat styling. In 1976, therefore, the first line was released, revolutionising the haircare world.

This, however, was only the beginning. Soon, Lazartigue hair treatment centres were appearing all throughout France, introducing the country to such technological innovations as computerised hair and scalp analysis. The brand's thirst for improvement continues to this day and can be clearly seen in a product line that unites the very best ingredients with both considerable skill and no little creativity.

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