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Ah, body care products. We love them all. From the lavishly rich creams to the invigorating body scrubs, there’s nothing that beats a good old pamper session. Well, maybe there is one thing: all of your favourite essential body care products adorned with Pretty discounts. Yeah, that just about tops it.

We’re constantly comparing and updating the latest body care discounts to give you the biggest savings. So, whether you’re gift shopping or indulging in a little treat for yourself, you can relish in the pure joy of big bargains and high quality products.

Shop for your usual favourites or branch out and explore a new realm of body care goodies. Catering to all personal tastes and solutions, the range covers the likes of anti-cellulite remedies, toning serums, anti-spot treatments, body brushes and many more must-have essentials to answer your body care woes.

Discover hundreds of savings like never before, only at Cosmetify.

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Slendertone Abs829% off


£100.00 £140.00
Dr Buddi CBD Oil20% off
Dr Buddi


£99.60 £124.50
Slendertone Bottom15% off


£119.00 £140.00

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