Sun Care & Tanning

Sun Care and Tanning

Are you trying to achieve the perfect fake tan glow? Or looking for the right SPF to protect your skin from the sun? Then our Sun Care & Tanning range has everything you need!

Discover how to tan fast, how to pick the bronzer that best suits your skin tone and how to cultivate a natural tan. With the right SPF, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying a long and lazy day on the beach. But if your schedule and bank statement has other plans, then why not opt for a fake tan that’s indistinguishable from natural colour?

From sunscreens and tan optimisers to hair protection, our vast product range caters for every need.

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Sun Care & Tanning Features

Fake Tan

Fake tan has become a go-to cosmetic for the millions who value a little extra colour and vitality. By choosing the tanning product that’s best for you, you can lock in shades and radiance that truly set you apart.

Sun Protection Cream and Lotions

Making sure that your body is properly protected is central to good sun care. By bringing together products from high-quality brands such as Korres and Bobbi Brown, we offer a wide range of different formulas, each of which envelops your body in a supreme degree of protection.

After Sun Lotion and Balm

More than anything else, after sun is a license not to worry. Industry mainstays like Dr Hauschka and Collistar have developed these sun care formulas so that you can truly enjoy beautiful weather. Bask away, safe in the knowledge that the right formula can bring health and comfort back to your skin.

Tan Enhancers and Accelerators

While most tanning products either protect your skin or tint it, tan enhancers are perfect for giving your body the little boost it requires to sustain durable, healthy and vital colour. Check out a range that takes in both Piz Buin and Thalgo, amongst many others.