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Moisturisers are the MVP of any beauty regime: they smooth your skin, add a splash of hydration and make you look and feel fabulous – so why do so many of us miss it out of our routine? Finding the right moisturiser for your skin type can be mind-boggling, but with our super selection of creams, lotions and body butters, you’ll find exactly what your body needs.

From Garnier and Palmer's to Elizabeth Arden and Laura Mercier, we’ve got products from across the board that’ll give your skin that sought-after glow and radiance. Give yourself the gift of healthy, nourished skin today.

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Body Moisturiser Features

Body Balm

Embrace the silkiness and creaminess of a good body balm and your skin will always feel healthy, happy and hydrated. These moisturisers are packed with the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to thrive and shine. Shop your favourite brands below.

Body Butter

Whether you’re starting your day or ending it, a rich and creamy body butter is the perfect way to finish your bathing ritual. These ultra-decadent moisturisers give your skin a kiss of nourishment and leave it feeling incredibly silky day in, day out.

Body Cream

Each one of these indulgently-textured, nutrition-packed body creams is a skin saviour in its own right. Featuring some of the most famous names in cosmetics, this range of moisturisers contains everything required to address any number of complaints or preferences.

Body Lotion

Discover your next favourite moisturiser in our range of high-quality body lotions. Quench your skin with one of these milks or lotions and you’ll find its health and appearance completely and utterly transformed.

Body Oil

Oils have been used as body moisturisers for centuries, and with good reason. Their unique nurturing care is capable of revealing gorgeous, radiant-filled complexions, while a luxurious feel can elevate any nighttime routine into a self-indulgent ritual.