Cosmetify is a beauty discovery website that places over 30,000 products, from thousands of brands, directly at your fingertips. With a wide range available on one platform, we are the search engine for beauty lovers, providing everything you need from makeup to hair, grooming to skincare and electricals to toiletries.

Our mission

We aim to inspire, educate and influence beauty shoppers of all sexes and ages. Our mission is to be inclusive, offering something for everyone under one virtual roof.

How we work

We’ve built a seamless, user-friendly website which allows you to navigate with ease, aggregating your favourite products from the world’s leading brands. Use our powerful filters to search for exactly what you want, comparing everything from brand, product to price – even down to individual ingredients.

Be inspired and educated

We aim to make it easier for you to discover and explore products by providing relevant, trend led and informative content across our platforms. Whether you’re looking for the next beauty must-have or an effective skincare regime, we aim to answer your questions through tutorials, product reviews and other types of informative content.

The power of recommendation

Brands may start the purchase journey of a product but until customers try, test and recommend, it all counts for very little. We believe that recommendation is the most powerful and credible way to help our customers navigate through our vast catalogue. Whether it comes from our In-house beauty experts, network of influencers or top buyers, we champion authentic recommendations and honest reviews.