Bleach London came about when professional hairstylist Alex Brownsell became tired of testing her innovative ideas on friends in her kitchen. She wanted to take things to the next level and, with the help of best friend Sam Teasdale, was able to open a salon of her own. In fact, it was the world’s very first salon to place emphasis on colouring over cutting.

Having grown from a single chair and sink into premises all of their own, the brand was soon buying locations throughout London and attracting no little praise. In the face of so much positivity, Alex and Sam decided to expand their reach with the launch of their own hair care range. That was in 2013, since when the brand has gone from strength to strength thanks to a series of highly innovative beauty formulas.

At the same time, Bleach London take care to never compromise on their ethics. That means 100% recycled packaging, a cruelty-free approach to testing and a commitment to vegan ingredients. What’s more, the brand is constantly seeking to minimise the toxins that are inherent to the bleaching process. They don’t just want to create beautiful looks, but also keep the world itself beautiful.

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