Eylure are the UK’s must-have cosmetics brand. They have been providing us with fabulous false eyelashes since 1947.

Eylure deliver a stunning selection of on-trend styles, including numerous celebrity collaborations, from the likes of Vegas Nay, Emma Willis, Cheryl Cole and beauty blogger Fleur De Force - they are the nation’s go-to lash brand. Sporting five unique and luscious lash types −Volume, Texture, Definition, Exaggerate and Accents− and dazzling designs, their phenomenal variety of false eyelashes will certainly leave you spoilt for choice.

By combining their expertise and know-how, Eylure have supplied a huge variety of statement strip lashes, that are not only super- easy to apply, but are reusable too! You can choose from day-to-day styles and novelty ‘night out’ lashes – all of which will enhance your eyes in a blink.

Offering endless lash possibilities, from individual lashes that make a small enhancement to strip lashes that’ll totally transform your style, whatever look you desire, you can count on Eylure to provide you with the best lashes, fit for any occasion.

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Eylure Accent

Eylure Eylure Accent

Eylure Dybrow

Eylure Eylure Dybrow

Eylure Brow Luminiser

Eylure Eylure Brow Luminiser

Eylure Naturalite Strip Eyelashes (Natural Volume)

Eylure Eylure Naturalite Strip Eyelashes (Natural Volume)

Eylure Brow Amplifier

Eylure Eylure Brow Amplifier