Indulge your hair in a deeply nourishing new experience. When dry, brittle strands come calling, Orofluido answer. This vibrant haircare brand caters to the constant demands of all hair types, providing working solutions that set about beautifying the look and feel of your locks. They use the likes of argan, cyperus and linseed oil to restore luminosity and an undeniably silky finish.

Orofluido is influenced by countries all over the globe, utilising unique and exotic ingredients that bestow hair with a multitude of benefits. Their journey started in the warm Mediterranean, enhancing the beauty rituals and oils that Queen Cleopatra used herself to provide outstanding results. Orofluido use some of history’s oldest beauty secrets to create exclusive hair products that add gloss, shine and vitality to even the driest of strands.

Today, the brand draws inspiration from Asia and the Amazon for a truly diverse range of products. Discover the undeniable power of Orofluido for real results you can rely on.

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