Olverum have a history that is nearly as captivating as the nourishing oils they bring to our lives. Founded by Franz Otto Klein – a fascinating man with a unique set of interests – he and his wife, Edith, set about adding to their vast collection of wine and essential oils.

After scouring the globe for the finest produce he could find, Klein realised that the richest and purest oils were in Germany, his native country. Unfortunately, the spa which sold Klein the invigorating oils halted the supply line, leaving Klein with an obvious solution – to make the essential oils himself.

Years of passion led Klein to be quite adept at the art of making essential oils, though he was helped by the rare and enriching ingredients near his home, and after distributing them locally, he realised there was a high demand.

The brand grew with the customer base, and now Franz Otto Klein’s son, Peter, continues to spearhead Olverum and their authentic formula.

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