Dubbed the ‘best forward-thinking doctor’ and a ‘beauty genius’, Dr Murad is a man that you most definitely want and need in your life.

It was in 1989 that Dr Howard Murad launched his pioneering skincare brand. Dedicated to helping others care for themselves from the inside out, Murad is nothing but a product of Dr Murad’s passion. To begin with, the brand showcased a variety of ground-breaking skincare products and was one of the first to supply incredible anti-ageing results without surgery. In fact, it was so revolutionary that Murad really set the bar for high-performance skincare.

Now, Murad believes there is a powerful connection between the mind, body and skin and therefore continues to supply scientifically innovative formulas as well as oriented topical skincare and dietary supplements. While they push a philosophy that inspires you to take care of your skin, they also provide no-nonsense, problem-solving products that are the ultimate solution for skin concerns.

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