They’re clever people at 100BON. The name alone is a subtle play on words, deriving from the French expression ‘sent-bon’, which translates as ‘nice scent’ – a sharp twist to showcase their creativity. They marry the ideals of the high-end market with natural ingredients and fragrances, effectively bringing together luxury and nature.

The French flair is evident in their collection of stylish perfumes; Cedre and Iris Soyeux, Bergamote and Rose Sauvage, Carvi & Jardin de Figuier are some of the more popular products. Each one oozes with a level of class and sophistication that demonstrates their authentically French heritage.

100BON’S reluctance to tarnish their fragrances with synthetic toxins and petrol-chemicals is admirable, and their impressive range of perfumes is comprised of 100% natural ingredients.

What this brand offers is a chance to exude elegance and not feel guilty about it. We think that's really something special.

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