La Perla

La Perla

The history of La Perla spans more than 60 years, as a humble enterprise grew to become one of the world’s leading designers of corsetry.

From the start, innovation and passion were central to the brand’s designs. Ada Marsotti, an Italian woman driven by both courage and talent, sought to create an atelier of corsetry that drew inspiration from the finest aspects of Italian tradition. From a small laboratory within Bologna, Ada utilised her skills as a craftswoman to produce items that enhanced and communed with feminine beauty. Success would follow, but the brand never lost sight of the warmth and care that were so central to its initial plaudits.

And the name? La Perla refers to the brand’s initial presentation of its items within velvet-lined boxes, as if the contents were precious jewellery. This sense of luxury has remained integral to each collection, and this range of superlative fragrances proves itself no exception.

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