It was in 2011 that GLAMGLOW® hit the skincare scene and was made available for retail purposes. Becoming the must-have product that swamped celebrities Instagram’s, GLAMGLOW® masks and moisturisers became a hit with both celebs and everyday consumers alike.

Starting out as a small living room project, it soon exploded to become a worldwide sensation with distribution increasing to 86 countries. Now, GLAMGLOW® can be found in over 6, 500 Luxury Retail Stores, Spa Back-Bars, Luxury Hotels, Airlines, and Cruise Lines.

Glenn and Shannon Dellimore founded GLAMGLOW® in 2010 when creating an exclusive skin enhancing remedy for a close actor friend of theirs. After a long conversation about skincare products and their lack of instant results, Glenn and Shannon set out to create an easy-to-use, highly effective treatment that provided camera-ready results. With a selection of well-known actors as test subjects, GLAMGLOW® was created to provide for performers that needed instantly perfect skin.

With requests ever increasing, Glenn and Shannon made the executive decision to share their glam secret. Sharing the shortcut to perfect skin with everyone, GLAMGLOW® soon became a worldwide name.

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