Marvis have arguably become the most iconic and recognisable brand in the toothpaste industry, with their products sold in pretty much every mainstream convenience store. As you can imagine, their huge success didn’t happen overnight; the Martelli family founded the company back in Italy many years ago, bringing the quintessential Italian style to an industry that was distinctly lacking fashionable products.

Though it is not confirmed, it is believed that Marvis was invented after the rise in popularity of smoking; the company realised that most smokers would appreciate a product that instantly whitens teeth and evokes a pleasant minty fragrance to mask the smell of cigarettes. Whilst it’s probably true that the toothpaste was popular with smokers, it was also popular with non-smokers, and quickly became a widely used product.

The packaging of the products makes Marvis stand out aesthetically and the efficacy makes it stand out physically – Marvis really is an outstanding brand.

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