Rarely does a musician defer away from a passion that means so much, yet that’s what Annick Goutal did back in 1981. Well, she didn’t entirely defer away. Music and perfume aren’t completely mutually exclusive, and Goutal utilises the rhythmical components of sound to inspire her products to have a melodic fragrance.

She seemed to have a natural gift for fragrance, treating each innovative product as ‘a blend of poetry, luxuriant nature and everlasting culture’. She certainly embraces the concept of avant-garde, and luckily, so did the Parisians when her first shop opened in the French capital back in the early 80’s.

The unique formulas that infuse each fragrance are the signature of Goutal, evoking intense emotions and feeling through the heady scent. Goutal wants her range to resemble her personality; she creates a story for every perfume that symbolises the fragrance withheld within. A beautiful concept that, unsurprisingly, many have enjoyed.

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