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Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules was born from the creativity of world-famous perfumer and 'nose' Geza Schoen. His expert eye and spark of imagination came together to make use of a very particular molecule that doesn't even exist in nature. The resultant range is, therefore, quite unlike any other.

Iso E Super is an aroma-molecule that was created in a laboratory almost fifty years ago – one that, for a long time, was entirely unknown to anyone outside the world of perfumery. This changed when Geza had his brainwave. Realizing that all his favorite perfumes contained a high percentage of this one obscure ingredient, he decided to head out for a drink after spritzing on nothing but Iso E Super.

Upon arriving at the bar, he was almost immediately approached by a woman who wanted to know about his fragrance. Realizing that he was on the cusp of something big, Geza set about crafting formulas that contained the molecule in unprecedently high levels. Today, the success of Escentric Molecules has ensured that his experiment was more than vindicated.

Why We Like Escentric Molecules

"Escentric Molecules is a cult brand with an even bigger cult following. The gang here at Cosmetify love their unisex fragrances which have an irresistible aroma that no one can resist. Discover the unique collection for yourself and enjoy the bewildering scent of the simple yet seductive Iso E Super. "

Rebecca Jenkinson

Written by Rebecca Jenkinson, Beauty Writer

Where can you buy Escentric Molecules products in the UK?

Escentric Molecules products can be bought online in the UK from Cult Beauty, Allbeauty and NET-A-PORTER.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Escentric Molecules

Parabens are often mentioned when talking about cosmetic ingredients. Do they feature in Escentric Molecules products?

Parabens are present in some of their formulations however they do feature some paraben-free products which are labelled across our site.

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Escentric Molecules

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