Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

For Bottega Veneta, true beauty is found in simplicity. Their language is a silent one, audible only to those who truly listen. This ethos is clearly displayed by their signature design being the Intrecciato, a hand-woven pattern only obvious to those who look for it. And it’s just as present in their exceptional range of scents, which marry a subtle allure with the finest raw ingredients.

Just as the brand’s clothes contain no obvious initials or logos, the fragrances also hold true to the idea that the design should enhance – not define – your own unique style. But this does not prevent the perfumers pursuing originality in material and composition. The brand intensely values its relationships with craftspeople, at the same time as recognising the uniquely Italian origins of its concepts.

The Knot – a key aesthetic element in Bottega Veneta apparel – adorns the crown of the eponymous perfume. This reflects the wider unity that takes in all of the brand’s exquisitely crafted items.

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