Gentlemen's Tonic

Gentlemen's Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic is an award-winning spa, grooming and hair concept founded in the very heart of Mayfair.

Since its inception, the brand has been inextricably linked with a sense of style and luxury. More importantly, however, it prides itself on delivering a high-quality service to a discerning clientele. The idea is a simple one: provide an antidote to all the strains and stresses of modern life by crafting products that can revive, refresh and reinforce an unshakeable sense of wellbeing.

The range of products incorporates both traditional grooming tools and some of the most scientifically advanced anti-ageing cosmeceuticals ever developed. From exfoliating facial scrubs to vintage shaving kits, there’s something in this collection for everyone.

Formulated with men’s skin in mind, Gentlemen’s Tonic creations are tried and tested in the brand’s own luxury establishments. Largely natural, the products don’t contain any parabens, synthetic perfumes or artificial preservatives, and use only 100% recyclable packaging.

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