Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals

This London based vegan skincare brand has put a new and fresh stamp on the beauty world. Combining a passion for all things natural and a love for all things skincare, Dr Botanicals is a company that believes in creating a more humane and caring environment, all while treating you to real and tangible results.

Dedicated to giving you the choice to switch to kinder formulations, Dr Botanicals offers products that are not only gentle on your skin but also gentle to the world we live in.

Founder, Richard Walker followed in the footsteps of his father – the first to formulate Elderflower based skincare routines in the 1960’s – and launched the brand in 2012 with only a small collection of vegan products.

By 2016, Dr Botanicals had become pioneers of authentic vegan skincare products while also championing truly natural formulas. As a result, in the year 2017, they went on to launch Apothecary Natural Skincare by Dr Botanicals – a totally natural range that is free of parabens and harmful preservatives.

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