IOMA is your answer to personalised skincare. Stemming from the French word ‘à moi’, IOMA literally means ‘mine’ backwards, making it the go-to brand for cosmetics that are personal to you and your skin alone.

Having only launched in 2010 by Jean Michel Karam, it’s one of the newer skincare lines to hit the market yet it has seen success in all forms. They work by creating skincare that is formulated especially with the IOMA Skin Atlas – a growing database that already has over 1 million diagnoses. As a result, the brand oozes with an effectiveness that no other could match. So much so that every minute in France a woman chooses IOMA as her beauty brand. And if that wasn't enough, there are now over 50 treatments using over 150 active ingredients in 17 countries worldwide – amazing, right?

Shop a range of optimum concentrate products that use only the best ingredients and measure your results as you go. All products are built around the idea that each person has individual skincare needs, therefore giving us the opportunity to really get down and personal with our skin.

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