Mane 'n Tail

Mane 'n Tail

The folks at Mane N Tail pride themselves on exceptional hair care solutions for stronger, thicker and fuller hair.

A long-time secret of beauty aficionados, the original shampoo and companion conditioner had their beginnings in a place far removed from your typical salon. It all started when people in the equestrian world started using their horse’s products on themselves, with unexpectedly excellent results.

How exactly this came about is anyone’s guess but, soon enough, the word was spreading like wildfire. The Katzevs, who had created the original product on their New Jersey farm, duly reproduced the formula with that all-important human twist, optimising the blend to help prevent breakage and repair split ends.

From such humble beginnings, the brand has now expanded to include solutions to a whole range of different hair care needs. The origins may be more horse than haute, but few can match Mane N Tail for proven efficacy.

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