Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

In Ralph Lauren’s own words, his brand is ‘all about living. It’s about living the best life you can and enjoying the fullness of the life around you’. Since 1967, that ethos has run through each collection, uniting them as one continuous expression of joy.

As a driven 28-year-old, Ralph worked for tie manufacturer Beau Brummel and, through talent and force of personality, was given his own line. It wasn't long before he created a menswear label, which he named ‘Polo’. Years later, the designer cemented international acclaim by outfitting both Robert Redford’s Jay Gatsby and Annie Hall’s romantic leads.

During all this time, the brand developed a distinctly American feel – an identity that was carried into a premium line of fragrances. A huge success, the olfactory identity became as iconic as the ubiquitous polo.

From Polo Red, inspired by the founder’s exquisite car collection, to the mould-breaking Romance scent, Ralph Lauren has never tired of elevating style to that next level.

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