Manuka Health

Manuka Health

It is said that if the entire population of bees was to dissipate, then the human race would shortly follow suit. Whether this is scientifically accurate, we’re not sure, but we do know that bees are highly important to our society, and also highly important to Manuka Health.

The brand, founded in New Zealand back in 2006, was founded on the potency of bees across the country; over 1.5 billion bees at the beekeeping facility are utilised for their ability to produce propolis, royal jelly and gourmet honey that enriches the various products sold at Manuka Health.

Whilst the offices may be located in rural towns across New Zealand, Manuka Health has skyrocketed into a global brand, satisfying customers across the planet. The intricate process needed to concoct the dynamic formula is meticulously tested by a team of experts, ensuring the products are of the highest quality.

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