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House 99

You may never be able to quite bend it like Beckham, but you can now style yourself with the same high-quality formulas as the former England captain.

Operating under the strong conviction that grooming isn't so much about the aesthetics as how it makes you feel inside, House 99 allows the modern man to shape his next look with confidence and flair. Every time David goes to the barber, they're just waiting for him to ask for something different and original. It's that sense of possibility and pleasant surprise that the technicians behind this brand have been so keen to bring to at-home grooming.

Formulated with the aid of expert barbers, each and every one of the brand's products is quality-tested for maximum efficiency. The ingredient list, meanwhile, is largely orientated around two of David's long-time favourites: quinoa and spirulina. For years, these super ingredients helped him to maintain a competitive edge; today they enable him and every other member of the House 99 community to maintain impeccably healthy skin and hair.

That sense of community is important and evident in the 'House' part of the name. As for the 99? It refers to the year, one in which David got married, won the champions league and saw the birth of his eldest son. It's the fusion of personal affection and proven efficiency that sets this new name in grooming apart from the crowd.

Why We Like House 99

"When your career takes in the England captaincy, modelling and the small business of launching a football franchise, you get exposed to the most advanced grooming tools and tips. Our chosen career path is likely to sharply diverge from David’s, so stocking up on House 99 seems the best way of tapping into industry-leading expertise."

Alex Bryson

Written by Alex Bryson, Content Strategist

Where is the best place to buy House 99 products online?

House 99 products can be bought online in the UK from Asos, Feel Unique and Boots. Look Fantastic, Mankind and more also stock their products.

Find the cheapest place to buy your hair gels & waxes, beard oils, balms & waxes or shampoos online by using Cosmetify.

Frequently Asked Questions about House 99

Do they avoid the use of parabens in their ingredients?

Not the entire line, but most House 99 products are free from parabens.

Are their formulas and products free from silicone?

Not all House 99 products contain silicone. Find their silicone-free options by using the filters on this page.

I don't like products that contain Sulphates. Are these products free from this ingredient?

Some of their formulations contain sulphates (or sulfates). You can remove these by using our filters.

Where do they produce these products?

They manufacture their products in Spain.

House 99

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