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Serge Lutens

The talented Serge Lutens was born in Northern France and got a job in a beauty salon at the age of 14 and it was in the salon he learnt about the feminine hallmarks of that time, from eyeshadows, beautiful skin to short, glossy, plastered down hair.

In his twenties, Serge Lutens moved to Paris to pursue a career in the beauty industry and he quickly rose to fame when Vogue took a chance on the young visionary for their Christmas issue. He then became the popular, sought-after makeup artist for many fashion and film shoots.

However, he also did photography and filmmaking, before getting an amazing opportunity to create a perfume in 1982. And it is here where Serge Lutens revolutionary perfumes started, with some of his first perfumes marking the 80's. A true artist, Serge Lutens does not see himself as a perfumer but more a storyteller whose stories and fairytales are expressed through flowers and wood. Many of his great and most unique fragrances have been inspired by literature and the places Lutens travelled to.

Serge has received several FIFI awards from the Fragrance Foundation for his innovative fragrances and you can now delve into the wonderful and passionate world of Serge Luten's perfumes.

Serge Lutens

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