Oh k!

Oh k!

When it comes to beauty and skincare, we all seem to be in agreement that no one does it better than South Koreans. K-beauty soared in 2017 and everyone wanted – and still wants – to achieve that porcelain glow. Oh K! is a playful, cutesy and quirky Soko brand whose aim is to help you achieve those ethereal results.

The experts behind Oh K! have spent years researching, developing and refining their beauty range so that you can properly embrace Southern Korean pampering. From the unique formulas to the adorable packaging, it’s all part and parcel of Southern Korean tradition and heritage.

SoKo were the original creators of the sheet mask and Oh K! is the perfect place to indulge, offering everything from face sheets to foot masks, each containing obscure yet beneficial ingredients like snail slime, coffee bean and egg white.

If their eccentric characters and packaging don’t win you over, then perhaps the sheer curiosity of the ingredients will…

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