Some brands don’t really need an introduction. Prada’s effortless elegance, style and grace has been abundantly clear for years, wowing customers with their innovative ideas that transcend ideas about the fashion industry.

Part of Prada’s appeal is that it somehow marries traditional and regal ideas with modern movements – always designing a timelessly cool look with their vast range. The founder, Miuccia Prada, was born in Italy’s capital of fashion, Milan, so it’s no surprise she has become such an influential figure.

Initially the brand only sold bags and suitcases; at the time they saw a gap in the market for high-end handbags and the wealthy clientele Prada had in mind lapped up the opportunity to showcase their riches with designer bags. Since then, Prada have opened up into many avenues, leading the fashion industry with their lavish products. They’ve even branched out of solely producing clothing – their range of perfumes and fragrances is equally as lavish as their fashion range.

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