Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street

It was on September 1st 1854 that Jeremiah Taylor founded his salon on the eponymous Bond Street, setting into motion an aromatic heritage that continues to this day.

British society was soon falling head over heels for his unique botanical extracts, and it was a happy day for a loyal clientele when Sidney Taylor continued his father’s work by opening the now iconic flagship store in Jermyn Street.

One element that has held constant over three centuries is a commitment to designs that both meet the very highest standards and are, where possible, made from natural ingredients. The collection is infused with a vintage feel, but you’ll find nothing antiquated about the standard of care throughout. Dermatological expertise meets olfactory sophistication in the Sandalwood, St James and Eton College collections, while the razors fuse modern blades with handles that are pure Victoriana.

The brand epitomises a classic British style, combining an understated elegance with reliability and quality.

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