Beauty Blvd

Beauty Blvd

Beauty Blvd was created by beauty gurus, Paula Short and Rachel de Caux. With a strong knowledge of the beauty and hair industry, they decided to create their own line of cosmetics which included their renowned and most celebrated product to date, Glitter Lips.

They had their big break when Paula and Rachel were wearing their Glitter Lips while shopping in Topshop Oxford Road when the girls working in the beauty department swarmed them asking about their lip colour. Before they knew it their phone was pinging with emails from beauty experts and editors asking about their product. The rest, they say, is history!

Glitter Lips is now sold in over 700 stores across the UK and Ireland and when it initially launched, it astoundingly sold out in just two days. Beauty Blvd also specialises in a range of face, body and skincare products – including a sparkly cosmetics festival collection. Oo la la!

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