Despite its association with New York, Briogeo’s origins are decidedly more homely, beginning with the founder’s childhood trips to family in West Virginia. When Nancy Twine’s grandmother first showed her how to create homemade hair care, it served to plant the seeds of a lifelong fascination with natural product formulation. Nancy was only five, but the lessons learned here stood in her in good stead upon moving to the Big Apple in her mid-twenties.

When there, she realised that much of the natural haircare available simply did not do what it claimed. With a little help from those recipes of her grandmother’s, Nancy set about establishing a company of her own, one which featured products that are not only 93-100% naturally-derived but also demonstrably efficient.

In fact, the brand name itself serves as a clue to the ethos that underpins the collection products. The Italian word Brio translates to ‘full of life’, while Geo is a Latin word that means ‘of nature’.

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