Baxter of California

Baxter of California

Baxter of California was born in 1965 when Baxter Finley realised the need for everyday grooming products for men. It all started with the Super Shape moisturiser and from there the brand spiralled into skin care success, rolling out a line of hair care and shaving essentials too.

In 2000, Baxter of California launched their award-winning Clay Pomade and with it came the brand’s rise as a leading men's lifestyle brand. Today, they not only sell top of the range grooming products but their blog offers guidance and tips on how to ‘get the look’, shave and style your hair.

Baxter of California is the embodiment of sophistication, confidence and versatility; it’s for the man who likes to keep himself well-groomed but never takes himself too seriously. It’s for the man who knows who he is and lives his life true to his values.

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