This award-winning skincare brand combines millennia of heritage with state-of-the-art science and a modern day love story.

The curative benefits of the Hungarian thermal waters were discovered over 2000 years ago, although it was only in the 1500s, when the occupying Ottoman Turks arrived, that many of the country’s most beautiful thermal baths were built. Bringing with it the idea of the traditional hammam, the empire constructed hundreds of baths upon the healing spring.

Three centuries later, the Omorovicza family commissioned one of the notable architects in Hungarian history to build the wonderful Racz spa in Budapest. Leap forward another two centuries and Stephen, a descendent of that same family, took his future wife Margaret on a tour of Hungary.

Astonished at the restorative properties of the thermal baths, the couple called upon a Nobel-prize-winning laboratory to help them distil those healing waters into a premium skincare collection. And the results speak for themselves. Thanks to the unique properties of each formula, collagen and elastin production are increased, damage repaired, essential moisture locked in and skin strengthened. With a little help from modern technology, sometimes the – very – old ways really are best.

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