Biotherm is a unique skin care brand that uses advanced technology alongside water extracts to help beautify the skin.

Ancient stories of women bathing in the ‘fountain of youth’ in the Pyrenees mountains to achieve smoother, softer skin have always stirred interest. It’s also been said that warriors would heal their wounds in water from this very place after battle.

Whether this water had any true power had been a mystery…until in 1950, when Dr Jullien discovered a unique source in the water – Life planktonTM. Soon after, Dr Jullien teamed up with cosmetician Jeanine Marissal to unveil the power of planktonTM as a skin care ingredient.

Ever since the brand was founded, it has created a great line of skin care products for firming and toning, hydration and sun protection. These advanced solutions make the skin look healthier and younger – just as legend had it.

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