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Biotherm Homme

Iconic French skincare brand Biotherm revealed a new dimension to its dermatological excellence when, in 1985, it first launched Biotherm Homme. This collection, specially calibrated to the unique demands and requirements of male complexions, opened the door onto a whole new sphere of grooming excellence, one rooted in the science and industry know-how that made the parent brand such a household name.

Today, Biotherm Homme can point to global superstar David Beckham as both the global face of the brand and the living embodiment of its core values. Precision, ambition and sustained excellence are writ large across both the life of the erstwhile England number 7 and this particular skincare range.

From innovations like the brand's unique Razor Burn Eliminator, which makes the whole shaving process considerably more comfortable, to Age Fitness Advanced formula, which keeps the rigours of ageing from one of your face's key features, this extensive range has more than got you covered.

Where can you buy Biotherm Homme products in the UK?

Biotherm Homme can be bought from a number of leading retailers in the UK, such as Allbeauty, Amazon and Fragrance Direct.

Save money on day creams, bath & shower gels or anti-ageing skincare, as we compare the prices across different retailers on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions about Biotherm Homme

Are Biotherm Homme recommended by Dermatologists?

Yes, all of their products are Dermatologically tested, meaning they have been by reviewed by a dermatologist, a doctor who specialises in skin conditions.

I am trying to make my beauty buys alcohol-free. Should I shop Biotherm Homme products?

Biotherm Homme use alcohol-free ingredients where possible.

I have sensitive skin and often experience allergic reactions with cosmetics. Is Biotherm Homme suitable for me?

Some of the products in the Biotherm Homme range are classed as hypoallergenic (or less likely to cause allergic reactions). These are clearly marked on product pages.

Do Biotherm Homme say no to Parabens for their product range?

Parabens are present in some of their formulations however they do feature some paraben-free products which are labelled across our site.

Where do Biotherm Homme manufacture their products?

Biotherm Homme products are made in Monaco in France.

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Biotherm Homme

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