It’s no secret that South Korea are the leaders of the beauty industry, and once again, they’re back with a brand that brings you all the new and cutting-edge products. CosRx is a favourite amongst the self-proclaimed Asian beauty addicts and has built a cult following over the years– and we totally understand why.

Focusing on well-formulated products, which follow a philosophy that is all about the ingredients, this brand is undoubtedly quality over quantity – hence the basic clean-cut packaging.

Dedicated to creating products that use high concentrations of actives, you can treat your skin to a dose of efficient goodness. The Blackhead Silk Finger Balls – silk ‘thimbles’ which gently clean pores of impurities, are just one of their most sought-after treatments, alongside the Pimple Master Patches – stickers that make all of your pimple problems disappear.

Providing you with seriously noticeable results, it’s safe to say that CosRX is one of the best when it comes to innovation.

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