Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Once a small clothing store in Germany, Hugo Boss has transcended its humble beginnings to become one of the world’s most famous luxury brands.

The name first became known a key sponsor in the high-glamour world of Formula One. But before long the brand was recognised for the strength of its designs alone, as men all over the world rushed to purchase a Hugo Boss suit.

Having forever altered the worlds of tailoring and fashion, the art of perfumery was the next thing to be filtered through the brand’s unique creative vision. From the release of their very first scent in 1954, all the way through to the modern ranges of today, expert perfumers have applied the same level of care that distinguishes a Hugo Boss catwalk piece.

Whether you’re a discerning gentleman looking to accentuate your personal style with BOSS BOTTLED, or a contemporary woman asserting her unique femininity with Boss Femme, you’ll find something to love in this exquisitely crafted collection.

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