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Reach the land of nod with Spacemasks by your side – a brand focused on helping improve the quality and length of your sleep.

Promising 'Interstellar Relaxation', this brand takes sleep wellness to a whole new level with their self-heating, luxury eye masks. They combine an innovative blend of jasmine and air-activated warmth in a single eye mask. This potent blend relieves tensions, as well as eases aches and pains from headaches, eye strains and tiredness. The aim is to help soothe the senses so you can easily drift off and catch some well-deserved z's.

Whether you're struggling with work stresses, a new baby or even just day-to-day frustrations, Spacemasks can help you float away when you need it the most. The out-of-this-world design is a luxury touch and makes the whole experience an indulgent treat.

Browse the collection at Cosmetify and treat yourself or someone you love to a guaranteed zen moment with Spacemasks.

Why We Like Spacemasks

"We all know the frustrations of a restless night’s sleep, but with Spacemask you can wave goodbye to tensions and say hello to an ultra-relaxing snooze! We love the innovative design and the self-heating element which makes these eye masks stand out from the competition. Not to mention, these luxury sleep masks make the perfect special gift for a stressed-out loved one."

Rebecca Jenkinson

Written by Rebecca Jenkinson, Beauty Writer

Where can you buy Spacemasks products in the UK?

Products by Spacemasks are sold in the UK at leading, well-known online retailers, such as Beauty Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spacemasks

Do they ever test their formulations or end product on animals?

This brand’s whole line is cruelty-free which means they don’t test their products or formulations on animals.

Are Spacemasks vegan-friendly with no animal-derived ingredients in their products?

Our sources indicate that Spacemasks is vegan-friendly, so there are no animal-derived products or animal ingredients in its formulas!

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly

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