German engineering is renowned the world over for its efficiency and quality. Now Alpecin brings that same approach to your locks, with products that are designed to prevent hair loss via an all-important injection of caffeine.

The brand was conceived in 1930 by Dr Wolff, after his studies at the University of Jena indicated that the addition of caffeine could stimulate hair roots. To this day, Alpecin continues its founder’s work by innovating and improving individual products. Science is the brand’s constant companion, supplying the team with the tools they need to create caffeine products that energise and stimulate targeted fibres.

From the original caffeine formulation to the dandruff killer variant, Alpecin are able to offer a broad spectrum of different blends. Dr Wolff believed that everyone’s body was different, and that one-size-suits-all solutions were therefore redundant. This range of different formulas allows you to opt for the best solution to your own unique hair care needs.

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