Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher

Built on decades of botanical experience and passion, Mr Yves Rocher decided he could do some good with the rare and extraordinary plants he was harvesting. Inspired by the beauty of nature and women, the French brand was born in the heart of Brittany, France.

The self-titled brand uses more than 250 botanical ingredients to create the delicate and simply divine formulations that make up the products today. Every plant is grown in an organic and completely natural habitat before being cultivated responsibly. This ensures that every last drop of your serum, moisturiser, mascara and hair mask is of the highest quality and jampacked with nutrients and minerals.

Combining the minds of the very best botanists and dermatologists, Yves Rocher is able to create innovative and effective products that help with all of your skin and hair needs. It’s this unique mix of nature and science that makes Yves Rocher the reputable brand that it is today.

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