Taking its name from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the Korean brand Benton promises a similar kind of story. Their delightful range of skincare and beauty products promises to turn back the clocks on your skin, making it youthful and radiant once again.

Benton’s products aim to restore and repair your skin using nothing but the most healthy, natural and gentle ingredients – like healing snail mucin, calming aloe vera and nourishing honey – that are as kind to your skin as they are the planet. Free from parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, benzophenone, chemical preservatives, steroids and animal cruelty, they’re a brand that really cares about what you’re putting on your skin.

Their renowned Snail Bee collection is adored by beauty bloggers and skincare aficionados alike and works wonders on protecting your skin against environmental aggressors, stress and any other skincare issues. If you’re looking for a wholesome brand that will tackle your skincare woes then get ready to welcome Benton into your life.

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