Merci Handy

Merci Handy

Bringing colour to your days and turning the ordinary into something extraordinary is what drives Merci Handy. The brand’s journey started in Paris, 2014, where three friends had the idea to transform the classic antibacterial gel into a fun, desirable, beauty essential.

Today, Merci Handy has a collection of must-have products that will have you rubbing your hands in excitement to use, including the Hand Cleansing Gel Lollipop. These sanitisers combine skin-comforting ingredients with mouthwatering scents, without compromising on germ-banishing qualities.

In order to enjoy your daily activities to the fullest, Merci needed to attain the most incredible and exotic fragrances known to man. That’s why they choose to work with the best “Noses” from Grasse, France, in order to arouse you.

From scented candles and shampoos to face mist, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll have a whale of a time using the little beauties available here. And as cat lovers, none of the brand’s products are tested on animals either.

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