APIVITA is a Greek brand that crafts natural, effective, holistic products. They have just one goal here, and that’s to share their amazing, ethical, organic skin, body and hair care products with the world. Tailored to people of all ages and skin types, APIVITA is transforming the way you view cosmetics one scrub at a time.

The brand started back in 1972 when founders Nikos and Niki created medicinal creams using bee products and herb extracts. Intrigued and inspired by the humble honeybees, the two pharmacists built their brand using these unique ingredients and today, APIVITA – meaning ‘life of the bee’ – has developed more than 300 gorgeously organic products.

Harnessing the power of green ingredients – including Greek herbs and pure essential oils – the Hippocratic brand makes nutritional remedies in the form of creams, lotions, shampoos and oils that address your specific concerns.

Browse their wholesome and nourishing range right here and feel the green love.

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