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5 Leave-in Conditioners for Men of All Hair Types

By Alex Bryson - 8 months ago | Updated
leave in conditioners for men

It sometimes seems crazy that a product so absolutely vital to women can leave such little impression on the world of male grooming. We're talking, of course, about hair conditioner. A holy grail item within certain households, it's met with a resounding shrug by others. And, unsurprisingly, the difference in attitude is often split along gender lines. After all, conventional wisdom suggests that a man requires little more than a razor, deodorant and some sort of hair wax. Maybe an aftershave if he's feeling fancy.

Thankfully, we now regard this as neither especially conventional nor wise. We both expect more from our cosmetics, and better appreciate the stresses that modern living can exert on our bodies. And it's here that conditioner enters the scene.

Effects of conditioner

Your hair is covered in microscopic cells that, when damaged, push out. This leaves individual hairs coarse and stripped of essential moisture, especially if you're using cheaper shampoos. In fact, perhaps the best way of thinking about conditioner is as a moisturiser for your hair. It brings back lustre, shine and health, transforming that crosshatched mass of wisps and corkscrews into something more photogenic and presentable.

Because while you and your mates are unlikely to have swapped conditioner tips and 'inspo', you've almost certainly seen the benefits on the scalps of numerous different male celebrities. If ever you wondered how to bridge the gap between your hair and that of the great and the good, the answer may well reside in bottle of high-grade conditioner.

So read on to discover our pick of the very best leave-in conditioners for men - and if you have any more questions, take a look at our ultimate guide to leave-in conditioners...

1. Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner

Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner

Given that Sweden is a traditionally seafaring nation renowned for design, it should perhaps come as no surprise that this leave in conditioner unites both elements. Utilising Sachajuan's own proprietary Ocean Silk technology, itself a blend of cold water algae, the brand's hair care specialists distil huge amounts of conditioning goodness into each chic, minimalist bottle.

2. men-ü SLIC Smooth Leave in Conditioner With Pump

men-ü SLIC Smooth Leave In Conditioner With Pump

Meet men-ü - the brand that can give your hair a salon-worthy transformation from the comfort of your own home. A little goes a long way with this leave-in conditioner, thanks to its super-concentrated formula. Expect locks to feel silk-to-the-touch and boast a light shine - ideal for dry hair types.

3. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strengthening Leave in Conditioner

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strengthening Leave in Conditioner

By now, we're all familiar with the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. And no, that 3am pizza in the back of the cab doesn't count. There is, however, wiggle room, as exhibited by Palmer's Coconut Oil conditioner. This nourishing and repairing conditioner is proof that working one of southern Europe's most popular ingredients through your hair can bring about a whole host of benefits, chief among them detangling, adding shine and protecting from damage.

4. Davines Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner

Davines Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner

If alchemists were focused on turning base metals to gold, then the central aim of Davine's Alcheme formula is to transform your locks into the very best version of themselves. That means tailoring each formula according to the colour and tone of your hair, a design choice that enables you to lock in a natural or chosen shade. This particular blend boasts strong colour pigments that combine with hydrolysed milk proteins to leave locks both moisturised and vibrant with colour. Explore the Davines collection to discover more specialised formulas.

5. Klorane Mango Leave-In Cream

Klorane Mango Leave-In Cream

If your hair is prone to bouts of dryness, then this Klorane cream is just the thing that your body's crying out for. After all, if the continued popularity of Solero proves anything, it's that the country is still very much in love with mango. Work the tropical fruit's butter through your hair post-shower to rejuvenate lost silkiness and bounce, and you'll discover a whole new reason for loving its radiant sweetness.

Long hair, short hair, afro or straight – practically any hair type stands to benefit from a few well-directed drops of conditioner. And, best of all, you don't need to reconfigure your routine or commit to applying it everyday. Simply working a little of your preferred formula through that 'do every few days can have a near-instant effect on the way you feel about your hair. Find out more by checking out our guide to leave-in conditioner.

Looking to keep your skin feeling great, too? Check out our best post-shave products for sensitive skin.

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