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The Ultimate Guide To Hair Vitamins

By Ellie Child - 1 year ago | Updated
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Is anyone ever truly happy with the way their hair looks? Sure, we all have good and bad hair days, but it’s still quite rare to bump into someone that can confidently say “yeah, I actually really love the way my hair looks”. Society’s ever-changing demands and expectations make it hard for anyone to attain the perfectly in-trend ‘do, which probably has a lot to do with why we’re always wanting more from our locks.

You’ve undoubtedly seen prettily packaged hair vitamins gracing the Kardashians' Insta feeds, or that Nicole Scherzinger 'Perfectil' ad that is literally on every train ever. There’s only so much pushed advertising a person can take before wondering how these hair vitamins work, and which ones are really worth investing in.

And that’s where we step in. We’re here to explain the weird and wonderful world of hair vitamins and the ones that are actually worth your time and money.

What are hair vitamins?

Usually arriving in packs of 30-60 tablets, these monthly dosages contain capsules that are filled with a plethora of antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids. The purpose is to harness the skin- and hair-loving properties of the antioxidants to improve the strength and vitality of your locks. The result? Softer, shinier and often longer hair. However, this does depend on the individual. You’ll usually find vitamins B and C, zinc, manganese and selenium in these concentrations, as well as fish and flaxseed oils.

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These must-have vitamins contain a really rich mix of nutritious properties, making them the best hair vitamins to start off with.

How do they work?

It’s really all down to that jam-packed mix of vitamins and minerals. These clever capsules essentially give you an extra boost of key antioxidants that you may be lacking. In turn, healthier hair (and in a lot of cases, skin and nails) is promoted.

Vitamin C in particular is known to help the body produce collagen – a really important element for developing the hair strand's structure. A commonly found property in anti-hair loss capsules is zinc. This component holds the ability to accelerate the recovery of damaged hair follicles. Combine this with vitamin E’s ability to promote hair growth and you’ve got yourself a recipe for healthier strands.

What types of hair vitamins are there?

You can shop for vitamins by your hair concern but you’ll find that the most common vitamin in demand is one that thickens and lengthens hair. We recommend the OUAI range as they offer the most diverse selection of vitamins. And hey, if they’re good enough for Khloe Kardashian then they’re sure as hell good enough for us.

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This popular hair concern affects both men and women alike. Tackle the problem head-on with this specially tailored pack of hair vitamins.

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Ouai Oily Hair Supplements x 30

Ouai Oily Hair Supplements x 30

You want to balance out that oily scalp of yours, and OUAI have just the answer.

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Ouai Dry Hair Supplements x 30

Ouai Dry Hair Supplements x 30

Get that extra dosage of biotin to eliminate dry and damaged locks.

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Do I need hair vitamins?

Okay, in all honesty you can pretty much get hold of all those key vitamins and minerals from a well-balanced diet. But, if you’re already leading a healthy lifestyle and want that extra bit of length, thickness and shine added to your barnet then why not try out a monthly dosage of hair vitamins to see what you and your locks can achieve?

Women that have gone through pregnancy will be all too familiar with the struggles of thinning hair, making hair vitamins a particularly popular option.

Hairburst New Mums

Hairburst New Mums

Your body goes through an insane amount of change during pregnancy, and that gorgeous head of hair also gets dragged into the situation. Thicken up that post-pregnancy hair with the capsules that help to boost and maintain growth when you need it most.

Now, we're not saying that they can give you floor-length hair in a matter of months, but hair capsules are really worth trying out for stronger, shinier strands. Shop the full range here at Cosmetify.

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