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The green movement has well and truly taken off in recent years, but with so many more options on the market, finding your way around can be a little overwhelming. With natural, vegan, vegetarian and organic products all on offer, it can be hard to get to grips with the differences between them all. So let’s break down what organic really is.

What is Organic beauty?

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What does organic beauty mean?

When you see the term organic plastered across your beauty products, it means that the formula has been made with only plant-derived ingredients. All the ingredients are grown without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), herbicides and synthetic fertilisers.

What does certified organic mean?

Products that boast a certified organic status go that one step further. The Soil Association stamp signifies not only that the product is organically grown but that it’s also against animal testing, GMOs, controversial chemicals, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, fragrances and nanoparticles.

How do I know if a product is truly organic?

This is where many of us are misled. Products literally only need to include 1% organic ingredients in order to be labelled as organic. This is why it’s always good to look out for logos to show what's been approved as the real deal – Soil Association and COSMOS are the two biggies in Europe.

What are the beauty benefits of organic beauty?

Aside from the fact that you’re helping to preserve the environment, organic beauty has a multitude of benefits. As organic products are full of vital nutrients and antioxidants, they work in harmony with your hair and skin, providing them with nourishment and repair without stripping away natural oils or causing chemical damage.

Where can I find organic products?

Organic products are easier to find than ever before, but brushing up on brand knowledge always comes in handy when looking for products you can trust. If you’re new to the organic game then Neal’s Yard Remedies, RMS, Trilogy and The Organic Pharmacy are definitely ones to try out.  

What’s the difference between natural and organic products?

The difference between natural and organic is minimal, so it’s understandable that we often get confused. It really all comes down to standards and regulation. Certified organic products have to pass the no GMO, pesticide, herbicide and organically grown rule, whereas natural products can simply contain ingredients ‘derived from nature’. This means they can still be harmful, pumped with chemicals and tested on animals.

Why are organic products more expensive?

To put it bluntly, time is money. To manufacture ingredients organically takes a lot longer than conjuring up a cocktail of chemicals, and organic ingredients often have a shorter shelf life. With that being said, the final product is of high quality and the ingredients are usually potent, not to mention much better for you – so it’s all about compromise.