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The Most Iconic Game of Thrones Hairstyles

By Hannah Liddle - 3 years ago | Updated
GOT collage John Snow, Cersei Lannister, Tormund Giantsbane

Unfortunately, Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Since 2011, we’ve looked forward to meeting new characters – oh, hello Ed Sheeran – dragons, Children of the Forest, White Walkers, and eagerly anticipated the fate of those we hate. Game of Thrones has never failed to surprise us with sudden deaths of our favourite characters (yes, I’m still crying over Robb Stark, R.I.P. sweet prince) and it has certainly never failed to amaze us with the costumes and ridiculously amazing hairstyles. I mean, how long must it take to do so many plaits?!

April 14th is the start of the end and with just one season left, Alex and I look back on the most iconic hairstyles of the show and why we love them. Of course, every hairstyle has been unique and carefully thought out with hidden details in every braid and twist...and that's just Khaleesi! So without further ado let’s get into it – starting with the queen of hairstyles herself.

P.S. if you're a little out the loop, then read with caution as there are a few minor spoilers, sorry!

Daenerys Targaryen

We couldn’t talk about GoT’s hairstyles without mentioning Khaleesi’s hair. Long, platinum braids and flowing curls are her signature look (AKA, what hair dreams are made of) and this half-up 'do is the most iconic of all. Staying true to her Dothraki family, her braids represent a warrior and, in this case, an undefeated champ. As the seasons go on and she becomes ever more victorious, her plaits only become more intricate. But with the loss of one of her dear dragons to the White Walkers, will she cut them off in true Dothraki style? Only season eight will tell…


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John Snow

When a typical day includes family feuds, undead invasions and steamy boat rides with your own aunt, the last thing you need is for a stray strand to lop over your eyes. But what started out as a nod to practicality, as well as means of paralleling poor old Ned Stark, has set some very particular corners of the internet aflame. In fact, it can seem at times that John Snow’s man bun has provoked more comment and analysis than many minor wars. One thing that’s not up for debate, however, is that Kit Harrington pulls it off with aplomb.


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Cersei Lannister

Cersei’s long, loose waves defined her character throughout the show and they certainly gave her the intimidation factor. However, season five saw Cersei’s flowing locks being taken from her. We assumed that in season six her hair would’ve grown back somewhat but nope. Cersei’s regal pixie cut is here to stay and we are here for it...even if she is a savage sadist. The short ‘do is a representation of Queen Cersei’s rebirth after her Walk of Shame; she’s back stronger and feistier than ever, ready to battle for the throne – and it's definitely more menacing than her previous style. Because what do people fear the most? Women with bad ass pixie cuts, duuuhh.


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Jaime Lannister

Given that he’s now many people’s favourite character, it can be hard to remember what a nasty piece of work Jaime Lannister was when he first rode in under that flopping, middle-parted fringe. Over time, this look has given way to a far more pragmatic Caesar cut but the original blonde curtains were certainly present and correct when the Kingslayer was busy throwing small children off high towers. The 90s revivalist movement has become increasingly popular in high fashion circles but it seems that designers and stylists were beaten to the punch by the boyband-channelling Jaime in 2011.


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Brienne of Tarth

Brienne’s trusty slick back has served her well. It doesn’t get in the way when she fights off the bad guys and is an indication of how strong, powerful and noble she is. Long hair is often linked with femininity – and that is certainly the case throughout Game of Thrones – but Brienne of Tarth doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone and that’s why this look is so iconic. She’s unapologetically androgynous and we should all take a leaf out of her book when it comes to owning our own style.


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Khal Drogo

The former Mr Daenerys possessed what was perhaps the most instantly recognisable get up of all: braids, wild locks and beard, accessorised by no little kohl, body paint and vaguely equestrian looking straps. As a whole, it’s the kind of look that could only exist in either a fantasy adaptation or else a particularly niche sort of nightclub. It’s therefore pretty difficult to carry off many of these elements in a Monday-Friday look. One thing you can imitate, though, is Jason Momoa’s unabashed confidence when it comes to pulling off a style; if you think it works, don’t second guess yourself!

Sansa Stark

Sansa's fiery red hair is iconic in itself but this particular hairstyle jumps out at us. She’s been through hell and back (we're looking at you, Joffrey and Petyr) and after having changed her style multiple times, allowing herself to be influenced by the people around her, Sansa finally brings her hair back to its natural roots. Her long, red hair is tied into a side plait that's similar to the one her mother, Catelyn Stark, used to wear. It’s this look that nods to Sansa’s newfound independence and power and how she’ll no longer be influenced or led astray come season eight.


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Tormund Giantsbane

Less a style than an absolute explosion of ginger hair, this one. It certainly makes the character stand out, though, which has already proved highly useful in several snow-swept battlefields. Again, it can be difficult casting your mind back to a time when Tormund appeared to be more of a straight villain, testament to the show’s many twists and turns. Plenty of guys are prone to moaning about the ginger patches that are liable to appear in their beards. Both Tormund and actor Kristofer Hivju, on the other hand, have pinned their all-round aesthetic on that distinctive ‘the-lower-half-of-my-face-is-on-fire’ vibe.


Serving as Daenerys’ handmaiden and trusted advisor, Missandei is one of the more loveable characters of Game of Thrones and there’d definitely be tears shed if she were to be killed off. Her curls are unlike any other characters’ on the show and they have us ogling at how amazing they are every time she appears on screen. As Khaleesi’s maiden, friend and counsel, Missandei wears a golden hairpiece which reflects how far she has come – she was once a slave and now she sits and serves at the hand of The Mother of Dragons. We love this look and think it’s highly significant for Missandei’s emergence throughout the series.


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Grey Worm

We never actually see Grey Worm shaving his head, which does leave us wondering how he manages such an even, all-round finish. Then again, he’s a eunuch general marching alongside wild horsemen and several dragons, so perhaps we’re asking the wrong type of question entirely. Unlike some of the other styles seen in the show, this trim is actually very similar to actor Jacob Anderson’s own look between filming. You can imagine that this cuts down on time in the makeup chair, and so almost makes up for wearing leather gear that looks like it really chafes.


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There are as many hair braids as there are plot twists and we’re for sure going to miss both. We’ll also miss the handsomeness of basically everyone and, of course, the mightiness of the beards that grace our screens. But for now, we’ll sit eagerly for the next five weeks, waiting for all of our favourite characters – not you, Petyr Baelish – to make their final return. Oh God, we’re emotional already…

It's a little unlikely you'll be stepping into your barber's and asking for a Drogo but if so, then good for you. If you're after some other hair and beard inspo for your next look, though, check out our 11 Best Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men and The Best Beard Styles for Your Face Shape.

Hannah Liddle

Written by Hannah Liddle

Hannah has worked as a writer for over four years and knows beauty, skincare and makeup like the back of her hand.

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