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How To Grow Out Your Buzzcut

By Alex Bryson - 9 months ago | Updated
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There are any number of reasons why you might want to grow out a buzzcut. Perhaps it’s getting a bit nippy up top, or your new job requires a less hard-edged look. Maybe you’ve experimented with a close cut and been mildly horrified by the sudden prominence of your ears.

Whatever your reason, nature will soon take its course and see you regrow a healthy head of hair. Sometimes, however, nature alone cannot be trusted – not unless you want to take your chances with a shapeless, fluffy and entirely unflattering mullet.

When it comes to buzz cut regrowth, it’s helpful to remember a few key pointers. First of all, minimise the awkward period by stimulating as much natural growth as possible. And then, when you have enough length to play around with, choose a cut that will disguise the growing process.

Let’s start by breaking down some of the key information.

No Shortcuts

Men’s hair tends to grow at about half an inch each month – which is too fast when you’re struggling to afford the hairdresser but not nearly fast enough when attempting to grow out a buzzcut.

Although the precise rate differs from man to man, taking into account an extra half inch is a decent way of calculating how long the process will take. Contrary to common belief, a woman’s hair actually requires the same amount of time; if you’re a lady who longs for a return to flowing locks, then you’ve got a lot of growing ahead of you.

The Sensible Hatter

Given your hair’s steadfast refusal to hurry along, the thinking man or woman will grow out their buzzcut in winter. Not only does this provide some much-needed insulation, it also means that you’re free to cover up any bad hair days with a convenient woolly hat.

Go Easy On The Shampers...

You also don’t need to shampoo each and every time you step into the shower because it can strip away the essential oils which are vital for growth. Twice a week is more than enough. And, when you do, opt for something that’s gentle and natural, like Green People's Daily Aloe Shampoo.

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Eat Your Way To Great Hair

Take a moment to consider your diet too. If you’re eating a lot of sugary or fatty foods, try packing your fridge with some greenery. Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs the right materials to work with. If a busy schedule makes getting the right nutrients difficult, or advancing is make regrowth that bit more difficult, then support your hair (and body) with some dedicated supplements.

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Brush Away The Buzzcut

Alternatively, if you’re open to thinking a little outside the box, massage or brush your scalp. This may feel as strange as it looks (we’d recommend not doing this in public), but it’s actually a brilliant means of improving circulation, and therefore promoting hair growth.

Get over the first hurdle, and you’re presented with a few different options for styling short hair. Not all that many, admittedly, as so little hair is hardly the most promising canvas to work with. But there are nonetheless a variety of different options for styling very short hair, each of which can utterly transform the look of your locks.

Back To Basics

Whatever cut you opt for, we’d suggest trimming the back and sides. Not only does this have a flattering effect on most face shapes, it also provides definition and allows you to sidestep any fluffiness and shapelessness.

Colour Me Interested

The in-between stage doesn’t have to be awkward. In fact, you can own the look by dyeing your locks a striking, non-natural colour. Tinie Tempah is one of several celebrities to choose this approach, along with Amber Rose, Tyler the Creator and Jonah Hill. Sure, this might not be a ‘timeless’ style, but where’s the harm in a little fun and experimentation?

Bang To Rights

You don’t have to be Zooey Deschanel to carry off some killer bangs. They also work extremely well on shorter, male hair, leaving you looking a little like a roman emperor, a little like an east London hipster and lot like a fashion-conscious guy who’s got too much going on to worry about perfectly preened hair.

An (Under)Cut Above

Cutting hair you want to grow always seems intuitive, and shaving it even more so. For many men and women alike, however, a well-crafted undercut can retain all the sharpness and control that attracted you to the buzzcut in the first place. It essentially takes our initial advice to ‘trim the back and sides’ to its logical conclusion, packing the top with hair while keep the sides clean and close.

If you’re a guy looking for more advice on short haircuts, check out our blog on the 10 Most Popular Short Hairstyles for Men. Alternatively, if you’re having second thoughts about growing out your hair, then read through our advice on How to Rock a Shaved Head. Happy styling!

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