Guide to Scented Candles

With our scented candles guide, you can find out everything you need to know before buying or using the product including are scented candles bad for you and are pets allergic to scented candles. If you're ready to buy or want to see our selection, visit our scented candles page.

Top Scented Candles Brands

  • D.S. & Durga
  • Sana Jardin
  • Costa Brazil
  • Neom Organics
  • This Works
  • Jo Loves

Scented Candles FAQs

Are scented candles bad for you?

Scented candles made with paraffin wax have been suggested to cause skin problems or asthma attacks, which are best to be avoided if you have sensitive skin or breathing problems. There are other wax alternatives, as well as soy candles which are much healthier. There are no known harmful effects of soy, beeswax or palms wax, so they can be used with confidence.

Of course, with any candle there is the obvious risk of causing a fire, which has happened very sparingly, but if you're careful and considerate that shouldn't be something you have to worry about. It's best to keep any scented candles in a controlled environment and away from pets or children - your cat may not understand the dangers of a fire as much as you.

As opposed to potential harm, scented candles have been proven to reduce stress, create a relaxing environment and maintain a level of serenity. They're a calming presence in a room and are often used in aromatherapy practices, helping soothe the mind and encourage active mindfulness.

Are pets allergic to scented candles?

There are a few myths about scented candles causing damage to your pets, but nearly all candles are made from paraffin, beeswax or soy and none of these have been proven to cause harm to your pets. No animals have been known to be allergic to the aromas emitted from scented candles, so you don't have to worry about lighting one to create a relaxing ambiance.

The scent of a candle causes no harm to your pets, however, if your dog begins to eat one after the flame has been extinguished then it an lead to some heath issues. Once your candle has gone out, make sure it's out of reach of any animals else you may have an unwanted trip to the vet.

Aside from accidental ingestion, some cats have been known to knock over candles after being intrigued by the flame and the smell. They're not necessarily irritated by the flame, but the curiosity could cause to health hazards.

What is the best scented candle?

When it comes to scented candles there are many options, which makes it even more difficult to find the one that's perfect for your home. During your search, you should consider which aromas you want for your home, the mood you want to set and the occasions you want the candles for.

If you were looking for a soothing candle to alleviate any stresses of the day, calming accords of chamomile are the perfect way to unwind. If you're looking for a vibrant and exuberant scent for a dinner party or small gathering, uplifting fruity and floral aromas create the right atmosphere.

We understand that as well as the scent, the aesthetic of a scented candle is important for your home. Brands such as Molton Brown, Cello and Archipelago Botanicals pride themselves on encompassing their candles in stylish and chic exterior. The right candle for your home needs to look and smell gorgeous.

Are soy candles better than wax?

Soy candles are a rising force in the industry, catering to the demand for vegan home and beauty products. Soy candles aren't necessarily better than wax candles, though they don't contain animal bi-products, which makes them perfect for a vegan household. They're also much safer than paraffin wax, which has been known to cause damage to the long-term health of your skin and could potentially be harmful for those suffering with asthma.

Other than the way they are produced, there isn't too much difference between soy and wax candles. Soy candles usually burn for longer than wax candles, and the naturally vegetable derived substance helps them to release fragrance easier. They're also 100% biodegradable which make them more environmentally friendly than wax candles.