Clinique Chemistry

Clinique Chemistry
Size: 100ml
Product Details

This supremely innovative fragrance is not unlike a perfectly tailored suit. Only imagine that the suit immediately adjusts itself to your body, without requiring the attentions of a tailor. Such ideas would seem to belong to the world of fantasy or science fiction, but become a reality in this now-iconic scent by Clinique.

Its subtle and understated character fuses with your own unique body chemistry. This produces an aroma that’s as entirely individual as the man wearing it. The transparent glass bottle houses a finely tuned blend of different aromatic notes, poised at any moment to reconfigure itself around your own body and style.

Top notes of lavender, mint, lemon and neroli combine to open the fragrance with an instantaneous rush of refreshment. Middle notes of cyclamen, coriander, pepper and sensuous Jamaican ginger subsequently engulf the senses in a characterful and spicy warmth, before falling away into a base of sandalwood, musk, oakmoss, cedar and amber.